Thursday, July 12, 2012

Driver Magician Free Registration Key Code

A device driver software is an important computer program for applications to communicate with a hardware device. Therefore, it is important to backup a copy of the device drivers of your PCs. Driver Magician is a Windows application which has been designed for device drivers backup, restoration, update and removal. After installing this application, all the device drivers in the system can be extract from the hard disk and backup a copy for re-install back when necessary. Besides that, it also has built-in database of latest drivers with the ability to auto update from the Internet.

Key features of the Driver Magician includes:

  • Back up device drivers of your computer in four modes.
  • Restore device drivers from backup in one mouse click.
  • Update device drivers of your PC to improve system performance and stability.
  • Uninstall device drivers.
  • Live Update device identifier database and database driver update.
  • Detect unknown devices.
  • Back up more items such as My Documents and Registry.
  • Restore more items from backup.
  • Details of the hardware drivers.
  • Clone all drivers to an auto-setup package (. EXE), so that users can restore drivers without installing drivers Magician.

The PC World has partnered with software GoldSolution Driver Magician 3.55 to give away. Those interested in obtaining a free copy of Driver Magician 3.55, which normally costs $ 29.95 for the purchase, just follow these steps:

  1. Download Driver Magician 3.55: Driver Magician.exe
  2. Installation and Registration Driver Magician 3.55 with register name "Czytelnik" and registration code


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