Monday, September 27, 2010

FoxyTunes for Firefox 4.2.4 Control your audio from Firefox

Control your iTunes audio from within Firefox

You're busy working, occasionally browsing the web, while listening to your music via your favourite audio player (such as iTunes).

You want to move to the next track on your favourite album, but you've got iTunes as an icon in your task bar and it always takes a second or two to maximise.

FoxyTunes is a small plug-in for Mozilla Firefox that enables you to control audio being played back from your audio player from within your Firefox status bar.

Type: freeware Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, Linux
Manufacturer: Alex Sirota
Size: 1MB
Number of downloads: 2300

From your status bar, you can pause, move to the next track, alter the volume and much more.
FoxyTunes 3 goes much further than the previous version and enables you to perform web searches while you are listening to your music, so you can find information about your favourite (or unknown) artist.
Note that the download here links directly to the Firefox extension. You might need to authorise this download (from Firefox) if you are using Firefox to install.
This version now supports Firefox 3.

Download Now :

Nice tool to play and control audio from your web browser

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