Sunday, September 26, 2010

TeamViewer Portable 5.1.9192 Control a remote computer from your PC

Access, control and use a remote PC
Type: free for personal use only
Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Manufacturer: TeamViewer GmbH
Size: 1.8MB
Number of downloads: 566

They say there’s nothing better than someone showing you how to perform a particular task. Back in the late 80s, this was how information about how to understand computers spread from person to person. Problem is that we now have to rely on books, the Internet and our own skills to teach ourselves how to complete a particular task.
However, there’s a different way. You could ask someone to help you over the Internet. With fast broadband, you could easily either offer your skills to another person or find someone with particular skills to help you finish a task. For example, if you wanted to get up to speed with Microsoft Excel, you could ask for someone to show you how to use the application, or do some of your work for you, over the Internet.
How does this work? You need a specialist tool and TeamViewer is one of the best applications available. On a private home-user level, you can organise a 1:1 connection for free. This would enable you to you to help a friend for free. You install the TeamViewer software on your computer and the remote user (or yourself, if you’re asking for help) simply initiates a TeamViewer module on their machine. This module does not need installation. The remote user can then control your computer, upload/download files and show you how to perform particular tasks. Of course, they could help you fix issues, too. You can stop the session and any time, too.
The best thing about TeamViewer is that, if you possess certain computer skills, you could put these to use helping other users understand their machines and charge a fee for this service. You’ll need to purchase a TeamViewer commercial license to use it to make money, and these start at around $25/month. This would also enable you to help more than one user, opening multiple sessions and also track and manage multiple customers.
Note that this is the portable version of TeamViewer.

Superb tool that will enable you to control and manage a remote computer, from your PC

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