Friday, October 15, 2010

Steganos Privacy Suite 11 (2009) Free License Code Download

Steganos Privacy Suite 11 is a professional, award-winning and simple-to-use carefree data protection and encryption system which is designed to protect your privacy with the combination of 9 premium tools, avoiding any unauthorized access to your private data files.

Key features of Steganos Privacy Suite 11:
  1. Data safes (up to 512 GB) that really fit everything
  2. Steganos Portable Safe makes mobile data safe on the go
  3. E-mails in a post office safe
  4. Steganos Shredder for 100% data deletion
  5. Fully automatically erases digital footprint
  6. Easy-as-pie password management
  7. Steganos Password Generator creates strong password protection
  8. Password security check for the safest codes
  9. Open your safe your personal way
  10. Private favorites stay private
  11. Supports hotkey, automatic login and drag-and-drop
  12. Defeats Keyloggers with virtual keyboard
  13. Encrypt e-mails the easy way
  14. 256 Bit AES security algorithm
  15. Steganography hides sensitive data in pictures and music
  16. Open Sesame with Steganos PicPass

Steganos Privacy Suite 11 normally costs for $69.95 per single license. As part of Steganos promotion, interested users can now download the full version for Steganos Privacy Suite 11 at no cost!

To grab a free copy of Steganos Privacy Suite 11, follow these steps:
  • Visit the Promotion page (German) at
  • Key in your email address and click Abschicken, then the license serial number of Steganos Privacy Suite 11 will be delivered to you shortly.
  • Download setup installer of Steganos Privacy Suite 11: /sss2009int.exe.
  • Input your received free license serial code to activate the Privacy Suite 11.

Steganos Privacy Suite 11 is compatible with Windows Vista, XP and Windows 7 platform.

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