Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Software: Download BufferZibe Pro Free (FreeWare)

BufferZone Pro is a comprehensive security software from Trustware that provides protection against Trojan horses, worms, keyloggers, spyware, adware, phishing attempts, or other computer-clogging malware. BufferZone Pro also supports USB devices, P2P file sharing, e-mail clients, all instant-messaging programs, and personal files. With BufferZone Pro, users able to surf at anywhere, download anything, open email attachments, share and chat with friends, and e-bank with peace of mind. In addition, BufferZone Pro also comes with virtualization technology that creates a virtual environment a.k.a “Virtual Zone”, which potentially threatening programs and files are virtualized and remain isolated mode from personal files and operating system.

Features of BufferZone Pro:

    * Safely download anything in an isolated (virtualized) zone
    * Safely open e-mail attachments in an isolated (virtualized)
    * e-Bank and e-Shop in a trusted environment (Privacy Zone)
    * Safely browse in an isolated (virtualized) zone
    * Safely chat with IM in an isolated (virtualized) zone
    * Schedule periodic “flushes” of the Virtual zone
    * Safely share with P2P applications in an isolated (virtualized)
    * Safely use USB devices in an isolated (virtualized) zone
    * Lock your personal files (in confidential folders) inside a trusted zone
    * Important software upgrades pass automatically into the trusted zone
    * Take a “snapshot” of the Virtual Zone for one- step restore
    * Application Control
    * Support 24/7

BufferZone Pro has a listed retail price of $39.95. As part of promotional offer, the developers of BufferZone Pro, Trustware is now changed the BufferZone Pro as freeware for home users to download.

Download BufferZone Pro (Full Version) for Free: BufferZoneProFree.msi

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