Monday, July 2, 2012

Download KMPlayer 3.3 Beta ( Uptodate Feature )

File: KMPlayer_EN_3.3.0.28.exe (28,924,392Bytes)
CRC-32: 6c6e28f0
MD4: abb8f25e9c1911981fad6bf5ab43c81a
MD5: 30a2a6a215a8ff1f579b341526323d90
SHA-1: 35ef052435018c21f04528064a4d5fc8b18bd800

** 3.3 UPDATE LIST **

- Added Web Search Bar.
- Supports Blu-Ray Play.
- Supports DIVX(xsub) Subtitle(AVI files only).
- Added video codec ProRes(APCH, APCN, APCS, ACPO, AP4H).
- Added video codec(IV50, RV40).
- Fixed AVI source filter(Supports playing damaged file).
- Fixed MKV source filter(Improved performance).
- Fixed RM, RMVB file seek error & Supports damaged file play.
- Fixed ASF file error.
- Fixed URL Play for AVI file.
- Fixed display infomation for MP3 bitrate.
- Fixed background resize error of SWF play.
- Fixed overflow of memory error when external audio file is used.
- Fixed access violation when updating.
- Fixed file name display error while starting a playback.

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